Weijing Jay Lin

Weijing "Jay" Lin

San Francisco, CA 94121
(415) 370-2887


Weijing Jay Lin is an enthusiast of internet technology. He have worked in IT area over 10 years with 7 years in front end, 3 years in full stack, 2 years in Server Management and Department Manager position. He has worldwide web development experience for China, Japan and the U.S. market.


HTML HTML5 XML JSON CSS CSS3 Less JavaScript AngularJS jQuery Bootstrap Responsive Design Grid Web App Single Page App PHP NodeJS Action Script Java C C++ C# ASP.net MySQL MSSQL Oracle SQL Access MengoDB H2 DBeaver MySQL GUI Suit ThinkPHP CodeIgniter Laravel CakePHP Wordpress Drupal Discuz Magento ShopNC ShopEX PHPMyAdmin Facebook API Google Map API Flickr API Agora API Weibo API QQ Connect API JIRA Asana Teambition GitHub BitBucket OSC@China Subversion Bower NPM Composer Gem Maven FTPZilla Manual Testing Xneu PHPUnit Notepad++ Sublime Eclipse NetBean PHPStorm WebStorm Dreamweaver Photoshop Flash Windows Linux Ubuntu CentOS Unix SunOS Mac AWS Aliyun QCloud SEO Google Analysis Tencent Analysis Baidu Analysis Project Management Customer Support Chinese

Work Experience

Full Stack Web Developer | 09/2015 to 12/2015 (3 mo.)
San Francisco, CA

It was a tech media start-up company. When I join the team, it has 20,000 subscription, and the team right now has over double size with 50,000 subscription in wechat mail system.

  • Implement the front-end design to the template in ThinkPHP with PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap and AngularJS.
  • Create a pitch room project in NodeJS MEAN (MongDB, Express, AngularJS and NodeJS) Stack
  • Create a living chat project in Agora API, WebSocket.
Full Stack Web Developer | 05/2015 to 08/2015 (3 mo.)
STO Express
Fremont, CA

That was a referral job by one of my friends. It was an international deliver company. By the time I joined the company, they are working in an international e-commerce project. I catch up the project with another colleague in front-end.

  • Implement the front-end HTML file to the template on ShopNC system with PHP, MySQL in MVC and use subversion for version control
  • Add front-end management feature in AngularJS
  • Create a purchase agent system in ThinkPHP with Bootstrap
Full Stack Web Developer, IT Manager | 10/2014 to 05/2015 (7 mo.)
Fuzhou, China

It was a telecommute job. The company was in Japan but I worked remotely in Fuzhou, China. The company was trading digital device; however, the revenue wasn't good at all, so we started to have a new business as purchasing agent service and helped Chinese customers to buy Japanese goods. After half year's operation, the revenue went up from 0 CNY to 60,000 CNY per month recently. [1]

  • Build the company's official website by ThinkPHP
  • Secondary development based on Discuz and Magento
  • Developed a brand new administration panel for purchasing agent business
  • Social network marketing development with Tencent Wechat
DevOps Engineer, Font-End Web Developer | 12/2013 to 09/2014 (10 mo.)
Beijing TRS Information Technology Co.,Ltd.
Fuzhou, China

That was a company providing a complex CMS system for multiple website management, and collaboration publishing. The major clients were from NPOs, such as government, library, hospital, and school. During the time I worked in the company, I earned a lot of different experience and learned the different working culture in China. [2]

  • Updated and maintained the project by adding simple new features and new data
  • Costumer support by use instant messenger, or remote control software
  • Providing training session to the editors, witch sometime the it would be a group of over hundred people
  • Secondary development base on TRSWCM system in JSP technology as the client requested
  • Trained new employees and worked on new web projects with them, in group of 2~3 engineers
  • Knowledge management for development; enriched the manual resource and code library
IT Support | 02/2012 to 02/2013 (1 yr.)
Law Office of Jean D.
San Jose, USA

It was my first formal job after my graduation. I got the offer referred by my alumni in SJSU.

It was a company provided immigrant legal service focused on Business Migrant. The daily work for the job was troubleshooting the staffs' computer usage issue and maintaining the network services worked stalely; however, sometimes it might take over night work, such as server data migration or emergency situation I needed fight for.

  • Reconstructed the server system by separating the file server and email server; created a stable access for the office IT environment (it was used to be a lot of downing time)
  • Employee software and account management
  • Provided help for any IT issue that employee requested in Windows Server environment
  • Setup and maintain the network printer machine
  • Setup backup system by cloud and network storage
  • Setup mail server
  • Tune up computers by system reinstallation
  • Reconstructed and maintain the official website by PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL and PHPMyAdmin
Full Stack Developer | 09/2005 to 09/2011 (6 yrs)
DotKu Studio
San Francisco, CA

I started to self-improve by working this small studio to try every internet technology a little bit. As a technology service provider, I helped my clients to build website with affordable price, and also provided the advice and helped them understand the internet marketing and technology trend, so they can choose the solution best fit their situation.

During the time I worked in the studio, I learn a lot things about how the technology could change the people and the reaction from the users. It was a valuable experience working in the studio.

  • Doing technology market research, and collect useful date on Google, periodical, library and social connections.
  • Created Studio Website.
  • Create a lab for web technology on web hosting service provider.
  • Study open source community on source-forge, bbs, and their official website, such as Discuz, phpBB, WordPress, B2, Drupal, Magento, and so on.
  • Working on the web project by using PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Flash, ASP, JSP, Ruby, MySQL, Access and so on.
  • Helped business customer and start-up group to build their websites and web applications on many different host service, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Aliyun, and etc.
  • Build bay area local community website to help new Chinese immigrants and international students get involved in the new environment; it is current about 10,000 users.
Web Developer Intern | 06/2004 to 09/2004 (3 mo.)
Agogus LLC
San Francisco, USA

That was my first formal job, even though, it was a intern job. The company was a online media content provider in small size of 10 people. The company provided high quality content without any AD. It profited by subscribe fee. The articles had been selected and published by Ask.com. The team members were kind to each other. I was exiting working in such start-up environment.

  • Converted their articles in word documents to HTML documents with existing template
  • Maintain pages with mistakes or errors
  • Worked with back end engineer to improve the security and functions of the website, such as the membership system
  • Graphic edit and poster design by using Photoshop


Bachelor of Science: Computer Science | 2007 to 2011 (4 yr.)
San Jose State University
San Jose, CA
Associate of Science: Computer Science | 2004 to 2007 (3 yr.)
City College of San Francisco
San Francisco, CA
High School Diploma | 2003 to 2004 (2 yr.)
George Washington High School
San Francisco, CA


[1] When the time I got the good news from the consulate regarding my wife's VISA, I quitted my job in TRS. I handed over the work to one of my colleagues in a month and prepared the trip to the US consulate in Guangzhou; however, the VISA process didn't go so well, so it took me another waiting. I was very lucky that during the time of waiting I joined a start-up company in Japan.

[2] Because I needed help my wife with her VISA, so I flew over to China and stayed with her for around 2 years. While I was waiting for the process of her VISA, I found a job in Fuzhou.

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